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the best apps for dietary restrictions, health matters and saving some money (because being an adult is way too expensive, let’s be real)

  1. Spoonful
  2. Find Me Gluten Free
  3. Monash FODMAP
  4. Flo
  5. DaysyView
  6. Ibotta

For those with dietary restrictions:

  • Spoonful
    • this app makes finding Low FODMAP foods sooo much easier; you can scan a product’s label and the app will let you know how the item fits in the diet
    • you can also create shopping lists and get substitution ideas to keep your tummy happy!
    • price: free
    • availability: App Store & Google Play; US, Canada, UK, Australia & New Zealand
  • Monash FODMAP
    • another great app if you’re on the Low FODMAP diet
    • this is the most accurate list of low and high FODMAP foods, as it is run by the university that created the diet
    • you can also track your reintroductions, symptoms, and even your 💩
    • price: $7.99 App Store, $9.00 Google Play
    • availability: everywhere
  • Find Me Gluten Free
    • find gluten free options on the go, great for travel or to find more safe options near home
    • you can also use this on your computer, I personally love the map feature
    • price: free
    • availability: App Store & Google Play, find details on countries and cities here

For menstrual/reproductive health:

  • Flo
    • track your period, ovulation and other menstrual symptoms with this handy app
    • has super useful articles tailored to your cycles, and awesome support groups
    • price: free
    • availability: App Store & Google Play
  • DaysyView
    • this app is supplemental to the Daysy Fertility Tracker
      • the Daysy tracks your cycle using your basal body temperature
      • can be used to achieve, or avoid, pregnancy
    • price: free (but the Daysy Fertility Tracker is definitely an investment)
      • more on natural period/contraception options coming soon
    • availability: App Store & Google Play

For saving $$$:

  • Ibotta
    • scan your grocery receipts to earn cash back on your purchases
      • you can find deals before or after you shop, but I prefer looking beforehand (when I have time) so I can see if there are deals I want to use
      • deals vary week by week, I especially love the any item/brand opportunities!
      • once you earn $20 back, you can cash out through PayPal or various gift cards
    • price: free
    • availability: App Store & Google Play

Shop with Ibotta in-store and online get up to $20 in Welcome Bonuses!

What’s apps do you love? Any I should check out? Lmk in the comments!


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