Gluten Free Atomic Cake

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Gluten Free Atomic Cake

free from: gluten, grains and dairy

The atomic cake is unique to Chicago – specifically the South Side. I highly recommend reading about this history of the cake.

I learned about this cake a few years ago and have always wanted to try it. My mom’s birthday is this week so I decided to test out a Gluten Free Atomic Cake so I could enjoy it too!

This tasty classic has multiple sections:

  1. Banana Cake
  2. Banana Slices & Pudding
  3. Chocolate Cake
  4. Chocolate Pudding & Strawberries
  5. Vanilla Cake
  6. Vanilla Pudding
  7. Whipped Cream Frosting

I used a lot of mixes which made this an easier creation. The main challenge was making whipped cream frosting dairy free WITHOUT coconut milk as that’s one of my trigger foods. The secret? See recipe below to find out!

I highly recommend making the cakes the day before and adding the frosting the day of. It will hold together much better.

Gluten Free Atomic Cake
look at those layers!!!!

The following recipe makes 12-16 servings of Gluten Free Atomic Cake depending on the size of your slices.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Make cakes as instructed on boxes (highly recommend doing this step the day before). If you use the Simple Mills brand for the banana cake, follow instructions for the bread but cook in a cake pan rather than bread pan.

Once cakes have cooled, store in the fridge. You can also make your puddings the day before–follow instructions on packaging and store in fridge.

Next, cut your bananas and strawberries into thin slices.

When you are ready to put the cake together, follow these steps:

Place the banana cake on your plate/cake stand. Add banana slices across the top then add a layer of vanilla pudding to hold the slices in place. The pudding should be a thin layer and you will likely have extra from the mixes–these taste really good on the side with the cake!

Next add the chocolate cake. On top of that layer, add strawberry slices and then some chocolate pudding.

Place the vanilla cake on top and spread vanilla pudding on the top. Now it’s time to make the frosting. This should be made shortly before eating as the fluffiness does not last for more than a couple hours.

The frosting will be made with aquafaba (liquid from can of chickpeas). Make sure this liquid is cold before beginning. Drain the liquid into a mixing bowl and add cream of tartar. Whisk on a high speed until peaks form (likely 4-6 minutes). You will not be using the actual chickpeas, so you can repurpose for another recipe like this one.

Once it is fluffy, add in vanilla and powdered sugar. Whisk until fully combined. IF you choose to make this in advance, keep the frosting in the mixing bowl in the fridge. You’ll want to quickly whisk again for maximum fluffiness.

Frost the cake with the aquafaba frosting and then cut into slices. This should be stored in the fridge and not left out in room temperature for too long. Enjoy!

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Debra Guzzardo · September 12, 2021 at 11:50 pm

This looks amazing. I am so excited to give this a try. Again thank you for all your great recipes.

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