Tummy Friendly Holiday Gift Guide 2021

gifts to make your gut and soul happy Last year I made a gift guide with IBS friendly gifts and it was a hit–so we’re here for round two! Hope you find some gifts for your wish list, or for your loved ones with tummy problems. FOR THE BATHROOM Poo-Pouri – a pleasant way toContinue reading “Tummy Friendly Holiday Gift Guide 2021”

How to Explain Your Illness to Others

“these conversations are never easy but if it’s with the right people, they’ll understand” Sharing health issues with others can be very personal and intimidating. Here are some quick tips for starting the conversation: decide up front how much you’re willing to share and stay firm with those boundaries be clear on your limitations andContinue reading “How to Explain Your Illness to Others”

Tummy Friendly Holiday Gift Guide 2020

gift options for your loved ones with stomach problems Looking for some gifts for the upcoming holiday season? I comprised a few lists below depending on what you’re looking for! There are three categories: For the Baker Comfort Gifts Sweet Treats In these lists, you can find anything from cookbooks and baking mixes to heatingContinue reading “Tummy Friendly Holiday Gift Guide 2020”

Chicago Food Guide

ft. recommendations for those with dietary restrictions and people who just love good food If you live in Chicago, or plan to travel here, you’ll want to bookmark this guide. It is continuously growing as I find new spots that are worthy of sharing. You’ll find an interactive map below, and my thoughts on mostContinue reading “Chicago Food Guide”

How Restrictive Diets Like Low FODMAP Can Become Problematic

{trigger warning: restrictive eating & food fear} This is hard for me to talk about because it’s something that was my reality for well over a year. At first the Low FODMAP diet was helpful, I was going to the bathroom more regularly and although the diet was hard, I thought it was worth it.Continue reading “How Restrictive Diets Like Low FODMAP Can Become Problematic”

Tips for Making the Creamiest Smoothies

plus a simple recipe that’ll taste like a strawberry milkshake! Smoothies are my go to meal because they rarely upset my stomach, and I love a sweet treat. I often get asked how I make my smoothies so thick and creamy, so I wanted to share some simple tips with you all–along with an easyContinue reading “Tips for Making the Creamiest Smoothies”