Homemade Green Juice

no more added sugars, gums or other gross ingredients found in store bought juices! I’ve been wanting to make my own juice for a while because many store bought options have unnecessary ingredients. Plus the juices that have smaller ingredient lists are soo expensive! With the help of Ellie’s Best nut milk bag, I finallyContinue reading “Homemade Green Juice”

Homemade Almond Milk

all you need is four ingredients, a blender & a nut milk bag I never would have thought I’d make my own almond milk. It seemed like a ridiculous amount of work when I was perfectly happy with my store-bought options. Then I realized how unhealthy those options really were. First, they’re filled with aContinue reading “Homemade Almond Milk”

Vegan & Sugar-Free Shamrock Shake

you can skip the drive thru this time Although many St. Patrick’s Day events have been canceled this year, you can still celebrate with this healthy, homemade shamrock shake. The following recipe makes one serving: 1/2 cup almond milk 2 frozen bananas 4-6 fresh spinach leaves A drop of peppermint extract 1 tbsp cacao nibsContinue reading “Vegan & Sugar-Free Shamrock Shake”

Tips for Making the Creamiest Smoothies

plus a simple recipe that’ll taste like a strawberry milkshake! Smoothies are my go to meal because they rarely upset my stomach, and I love a sweet treat. I often get asked how I make my smoothies so thick and creamy, so I wanted to share some simple tips with you all–along with an easyContinue reading “Tips for Making the Creamiest Smoothies”