My name is Olivia, aka Liv! I have been living with a few chronic illnesses since my early 20s. I aim to control my symptoms as naturally as possible, which means a lot of restrictions on what I eat. At first I only focused on what I could no longer eat, but eventually shifted my mindset to getting creative with the foods I can eat!

I started this page because I want to help others like me who struggle with dietary restrictions and/or chronic illness and still want to enjoy food. Many of my recipes are some mix of gluten free, dairy free, refined-sugar free, grain free, and/or vegan–and I’m always down to help you adapt a recipe to your needs!

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Living Non-GMO

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Breakfast taco recipe was featured October 2021.

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Hope Magazine

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Article about Liv's journey and a recipe featured in Spring 2021 issue.

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