Tips for Making the Creamiest Smoothies

plus a simple recipe that’ll taste like a strawberry milkshake! Smoothies are my go to meal because they rarely upset my stomach, and I love a sweet treat. I often get asked how I make my smoothies so thick and creamy, so I wanted to share some simple tips with you all–along with an easyContinue reading “Tips for Making the Creamiest Smoothies”

One Bowl Chocolate Chip Pancakes

the easiest and thickest pancakes you’ll ever make These babies are anti-candida and paleo friendly. They can be Low FODMAP if consumed in small servings (1-2 pancakes)! These do not need syrup, but if you’re looking for a refined sugar free option check out Lakanto’s maple flavored syrup. The following recipe makes 8-10 pancakes 1Continue reading “One Bowl Chocolate Chip Pancakes”