Strawberry Coconut Cake

made without gluten, grains, dairy, or refined-sugar. it is paleo & candida friendly and has a vegan option! This recipe was a true experiment, and I’m SO glad it was successful. I have attempted a few frosting recipes with alternative sugars and dairy and think I finally did it! This one is so smooth andContinue reading “Strawberry Coconut Cake”

S’mores Cookie Skillet

you can’t even tell that this skillet is grain, gluten, dairy & (mostly) refined-sugar free This recipe is only partially refined-sugar free because of the marshmallows. I found these sugar free marshmallows online but I have not personally tried them; you can also make your own! Another option if you cannot have cane sugar isContinue reading “S’mores Cookie Skillet”

Lemon Chocolate Loaf

this beauty is gluten, grain, dairy and refined sugar free This is a great treat if you’re craving sweets. If you want something more lemony and tart, skip the frosting and add more lemon shavings to the mix. For the frosting, I used the chocolate buttercream from my tahini chocolate chip cupcake recipe–I suggest halvingContinue reading “Lemon Chocolate Loaf”

Tahini Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

these delicious treats are grain, refined sugar, gluten and (mostly) dairy free The only dairy in this recipe is the butter in the frosting. You can try to sub a vegan butter replacement, but I have not tested this personally. Otherwise you can omit the frosting for a fully dairy free cupcake! This recipe isContinue reading “Tahini Chocolate Chip Cupcakes”