Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies

made without gluten, grains, dairy, nuts & refined-sugar This recipe is INCREDIBLY simple. The entire recipe takes about 10-15 minutes, so you can whip up a batch real quick! As the name suggests, there is no flour in this recipe. Because of this, an egg is needed so I don’t think this recipe can beContinue reading “Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies”

Three Ingredient Lasagna

made without gluten, dairy, soy & refined-sugar I have wanted to make a tummy friendly lasagna for soo long! Recently, I discovered Taste Republic’s gluten free lasagna sheets while shopping and knew it was fate. This recipe is EXTREMELY simple and only uses three ingredients, but you can add more if you’d like (i.e. sausageContinue reading “Three Ingredient Lasagna”